About Us

Gelco Products, Inc., founded in 1999, is a privately held company focused on providing high quality, gel-based ergonomic products that enhance the quality of life, recreation and productivity of the user. Our products are designed to alleviate the negative impact of the environment on the human body.

Gelco Products uses a visco-elastic gel that disperses pressure at the point of contact. The gel maintains its shape better than foam products and because the gel never “bottoms out” and less material is needed to achieve a high degree of comfort.

By incorporating functional design with quality materials, Gelco Products creates comfort-enhancing products that reduce pressure and increase comfort.

Mission and Vision

Our primary mission is to bring unparalleled comfort to people wherever they sit.  We believe that our functional design and ergonomic engineering has made the GSeat the global standard for seat cushions.  All of our designs include our patented integrated handle and foldable design so that our products can be easily transported and used in any seated environment…whether it’s at the office, the ballgame, automobile, home or traveling.

We strive to create the highest quality and most comfortable seat cushion in the market; our less than 1% return rate reflects our success in that endeavor.  In addition to high quality products we aim to provide excellent customer service.

Gelco Products…Comfort on Contact
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