The GSEAT New Colors

The GSeat and GSeat Ultra

Choose Your Comfort!

The GSeat product line comes in 2 sizes, designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. Our original GSeat measures 14″ x 16″ and The GSeat Ultra is 16″ x 18″.  Both are made with our exclusive Dynamic Density Technology proven to be the best way to disperse pressure, promote proper posture, and maintain your comfort.


Gseat Cushion on the go

Comfort on the Go!

The GSeat was designed with the patented integrated handle makes it easy to transport.Take it to the office, take it home, take it to the game, anywhere you want your comfort on contact.


Customer Reviews

 "Excellent Product — the only one that works for my severe sciatica, and I have tried 4-5 others! This is my second one."


Warren Buckles, Madison, WI



"I liked the new seat (Ultra GSeat). The angle helps you sit more upright and the firmness seems right."


Dr. Joel Alter, Osteopath, Santa Rosa, CA



"I just wanted to say thanks for the gel pad. I’ve been using it hard core, and it’s holding up. The most benefit comes from riding my hand cycle for more than two hours at a time. I usually get back pain after 1.5 hours of riding. I’m over 2 hours riding without any pain, which allows me to train harder."


Mario Solis, Extreme Wheelchair Athlete, Encinitas, CA



"I ordered this cushion for my 84 year old mother who is very thin. She finds it uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces for any length of time. Now she can go with us to basketball games, fund raisers etc. and stay with us the entire time! It’s easy to carry,light weight, and it fits in the basket of her walker. Great product."


Marion Mathis, Maxwell,CA



"I was experiencing severe back pain and leg lower leg numbness from sitting for extended periods of time so I gave it a try and the pain and numbness are now gone."


Tim Mansfield, Leesburg, VA 



"The Gseat was the best thing I've purchased in a long time. I recently took a 15+ hour flight to China and took along the Gseat it was such a pain saver I would highly recommend everyone who travels near or far to make this purchase your legs, back and butt will thank you."


Irene, Cypress,CA



"I bought this for my mom who's 77 and sits more than she used to. Her sciatica is recently acting up and we're always trying to find a nice pillow-type thing which won't go flat after twenty sits. This seems to be working out just fine and she is very comfortable with it. The service was excellent---fast and clean, no problems."


Andrea Paradiso, Ambridge, PA



"I bought this for my husband's truck seat because he drives a long ways to work a couple of times a week. He says it is very comfortable and is much better than the pillow he had been using. Seems like a well made product that will last a long time."


Sharon Ellison



"Bought it for wheelchair use for my mom. She was having some skin breakdown and after just a few days of use, her skin starting getting well. This is a great seat for someone that is restricted to sitting in a wheelchair most of the time. Is very comfortable, doesn't slide out of position. Is a good stabilizer for person with limited strength. Solved our problem quickly. Highly recommend it!"


JJoyce Reaves



"My tailbone had been bothering me at work (I sit at a desk all day working on the computer) so I thought I'd give this a try. Works very well - no more pain."


Laura Lachelt



"I love this on my leap chair at work. I like the smaller size G-Seat to carry around and for the car but this one (Ultra) works well at work. I've had it for 2 years and no sign of breaking down."


Jason Douglas, Austin, TX



"I bought this cushion for my daughter. She works long hours. She sits on it every day now. My daughter feels good. I feel good."





"I purchased this product for my elderly dad but liked it so much I went back and purchased another!! Very comfortable cushion on my hard wood kitchen chair."


Karin, Atlanta, GA



"We got this for my dad who has MS and is in a wheelchair full time. We've tried a variety of cushions and this one has been really good for him. Because he has an aid lift him into his chair, often cushions will bunch or move and it's hard to get them adjusted once he's sitting on it, this one is very sturdy can bunch or bend and sticks in the right place in his chair. He has really liked using it."


Kalyn Secretan



"This is great for Friday night football games on metal bleachers. Before we got these, our backs would be so sore and we had a hard time getting around on Saturday morning. Thank you!!"


Dawn Rae Loftin